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Guidelines for Guest Authors

There are few general guidelines that guest authors are required to understand, few of which are mentioned below. These guidelines are there to ensure the maintenance of decorum and freedom from confusion. All the guest authors are requested to adhere to these general guidelines.

To write for Osciee Designs, please fill in the below form.

  • Content submitted has to be original. Please do not plagiarise content from other sites or post copies of your own articles from your blog/other sites. It has to be an original article based on research and exceeding 2000 words (including the Author Bio). Every article is cross-checked with plagiarism software before posting to this website.
  • Content submitted by guest authors can have only 1 backlinks to their home page. However referential links to web-sites like Wikipedia, BBC, Mashable, NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Business Standard, Financial Times, Engadget and Harvard Business Review only are allowed. If there are any more backlinks in the article, the same shall be removed before posting the article. Even for links to reference sites, please limit the number of references to less than 1 per 250 words of the article. This ensure novelty of the thoughts from the blog writer.
  • After every article, please submit a short Bio (without any links). The bio should have a description of around 50 – 75 words. It would be good to give a description of your professional and academic background in the Bio. A link to your linked in profile may however be included.
  • Content once submitted to the web-site becomes the property of Osciee Designs. At no point of time can the author claim to remove the content once it has been submitted and published as a web-page. However, authors may choose to remove their association with the content, if required, and as such their names will be removed from the article and in the guest author section.
  • Content once submitted in this blog cannot be submitted to any other websites / blogs. If sections of the content is posted in any other website/blog, a link to the original article in this web-site needs to be provided, along with the Author details and the date when the content was posted.
  • There is no scheme for revenue sharing from any advertisements in this site with the authors or contributors of articles. The minimal monetization done in this site is to generate only the sufficient funding for the maintenance of domain, hosting and other services needed for the functioning and maintenance of the site.
  • The inclusion of articles in Osciee Designs from guest authors is subject to the jurisdiction of the Editor only and cannot be contended otherwise.
  • It is to be noted that every author is responsible for the content he/she submits to us. In no way can the editors / owners of this blog be responsible for any content provided by a third party. However, if any content is objectionable to any party, the same can be communicated to us with the details of why the content is objectionable. If the reasons and requests seem genuine, the editors would remove the content.